When the call comes

Esther, Mordecai and the Jews of their time certainly had their flaws.  Yet, God used them in a mighty way, and we are still talking about it today.  For them, the question was simple.  Would they be willing to face death individually and corporately in order to try and save themselves from annihilation?  They would be.  Would we be willing to do the same?

The great masters of the arts put their work behind their passion.  They could not be sure that their work would create a legacy, immortalize them in our culture, or be tossed aside when the next great works appeared.  Beethoven and Rembrandt could not have known that we would be admiring and studying them today.  Let us focus not on our legacy but on our work, and let us trust that God will use that work to impact others long after we are gone.

Lock me up, please

We have been freed.  The chains are gone, the doors are open, and we have been shown the way.  Those who are wise would appreciate that freedom and do whatever it takes to keep it.  Yet, so many of us willfully walk back into bondage.  Let us ask God to show us how we have imprisoned ourselves again so that we can break out of the pattern.

We serve a God who will quench our thirst for him, but that really depends on us.  We can have a little thirst for him, or we can thirst for him like the wandering Ibex searching for a stream in the wilderness.  How much of God do you want?  How thirsty are you? 

Shielded from glory

We come to the Father by way of the Son, and we do so gladly.  Do we ever consider what it means exactly to approach the Father in this way?  Do we remind ourselves of the ways the Son makes our relationship with the Father possible?  Perhaps we should take some time to meditate on how He does this.

Together again

Recently, God has been reuniting me with people I thought I had lost forever.  He is restoring friendships I thought I had ruined hopelessly.  Perhaps He wants to do the same for you.  Seek him for that restoration today.

When I get there

There is much imperfection and evil in this world to distract and disappoint us.  It should not go unnoticed to the believer, and it should remind us of the great hope we have in the life that is to come.  Let us focus on who we will become and what life will be when we get there.

No matter where we have arrived spiritually, we all have so much further we can go.  There is unlimited potential for the children of God, and we need to tap into that potential.  Let us seek God to take us further and deeper, to increase our stamina and our strength, to make us fitter daily.

We sometimes forget that Jesus is a groom who cannot wait to be united with his bride, the Church.  We forget that there is romance in the way He woos us and draws us to him, but there is value in recognizing that aspect of our relationship with the Savior. Let us explore the spiritual romance at play between the groom and his bride.

This message was published almost two years ago, and its relevance has only increased since then.  As the world continues to diverge more and more from God's standards, the Church will be targeted and pressured to conform.  We must understand that remaining steadfast will cause us to lose a lot in this world, but He has promised to restored every single loss.

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