This message was published almost two years ago, and its relevance has only increased since then.  As the world continues to diverge more and more from God's standards, the Church will be targeted and pressured to conform.  We must understand that remaining steadfast will cause us to lose a lot in this world, but He has promised to restored every single loss.

I cannot deserve the love of God, and neither can you.  Yet, there it is.  It never leaves, it never fails, it never disappointments.  We stray and disobey, but He loves us even still.  He gives us everything of him and asks for everything of us in return, an unfair exchange of love that leaves us always with an overflow.

In light of what is occurring today on the other side of the world, let us pray for God to transform the lost, the persecutors, the warmongers just as He transformed Saul of Tarsus so long ago.

The power God gives us to take captive our thoughts is the same power we have over the feelings we store in our hearts.  Particularly in this world where people are emotionally charged about one cause or another, and so easily offended by God's truth, it is important for us to make sure that we have command over our emotions.  We cannot afford to let our feelings be in command of us.

In for a pound

Are you all-in?  Are you maybe in for a little here and a little there, but not fully committed anywhere?  Are you straddling the border and thinking that life simply must be that way in this imperfect world?  Let us consider once more what it means to be all-in with the Lord and what it takes to sustain that.

Lord, make us over

We do not always see where we are spiritually.  We sometimes think one fall wipes out all our progress.  Other times, we might think we have progressed much more than we have.  Let us seek God to know where we really are spiritually and how He desires to make us over today.

You in the valley

When you are on the mountaintop, you are sure of yourself and joyful.  The world is a magical place up there.  But who are you when you are in the valley?  Are you a different person, or do your faith and character remain constant?  That is the question.

We are a spiritual army designed to operate as a unit.  Too often, some of us try to go it alone only to stumble and fall.  If we are to be victorious in our warfare, we must band together and fight as the body God has designed us to be.  Each one should be accounted for and protected with no one left behind.

No more band-aids

Forget about the superficial cures.  Forget about the counterfeit remedies.  Let us get to the heart of the matter by allowing the Lord to truly treat that which ails our spirits.  Let us lead those who are spiritually hurt, broken and dying to the great physician, the only one who can save a soul.

Blessed at all cost

The blind man of John chapter 9 set the example for us.  The blessings of God may result in opposition from others or attacks from the enemy, but we should desire and chase those blessings all the same.  He blesses us to his glory even if the blessing comes with suffering.  To suffer for him is a blessing all its own.

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