We hope now for the promises which are to come, visions of his word which will be reality.  We are not left merely to hope.  One day, we will have all we await.  Hope will be fulfilled and no longer have a place.

The lives we live

Each has a life to live, a race to run.  Not every course, however, looks the same.  Let us put aside our own expectations and welcome the course God has for each of us, even if it looks very different than what we see in others.

A great delusion

Have we reached this point? Is the world this far gone? Is there anything we can do?

One more supper

There is one more supper Christ will be attending. Will you be there? Will you be ready?

The truth is simple: we were made for one another. No one can go it alone. There is no such thing as a 1-on-1 relationship with God yet without his people. His word does not leave room for that. In God's kingdom, you must be part of the Church to be part of him.

Good encouragement

Worldly encouragement is not the same as the encouragement we are to have for one another in the truth.  A kind word and a pat on the back is so much less than we should be able to offer the brethren.  We need a lot more from one another than that as we wage this war.

Superficial cures

Forget about the superficial cures.  Forget about the counterfeit remedies.  Let us get to the heart of the matter by allowing the Lord to truly treat that which ails our spirits.  Let us lead those who are spiritually hurt, broken and dying to the great physician, the only one who can save a soul.

A question of hope

Our hope is not in this life or this world, but do we all have the same measure of hope in our future promise?  Do the circumstances of this life guide our measure of hope?  Do they change how willing we are to let go of this life?  Should they?

Before the return of Christ, a great apostasy will occur.  Unpleasant but necessary, this is a stage of the Church's purification that we cannot ignore or dispel as some future event too removed in time from us.  The warning is there for all that great deception is ahead and that all are vulnerable.

Times and seasons

Eras, seasons and times. That is what we expect to experience in this life.  Or perhaps life is just one long yet brief season.  Or perhaps it is both.

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